Friday, July 9, 2010

2nd Kingdom in Florida!

We all know the 1st Kingdom in Florida,  Disneyland!  Its been around a lot longer than the Association.

So everyone, other than Heat fans are peeved, the King didn't select them.  I guess they have a right to be,  I mean everyone had reasons to believe he was going to their team or staying in Cleveland.  But Cleveland fans, you shouldn't be mad at the man.  Just last week, Lebron was actively trying to bring Bosh to Cleveland.  My guess is that Bosh, wanted to only play with both Lebron and Dwade.  Once Lebron realized he wasn't going to get the help he needed.  I'm guessing with a heavy heart he conceded and decided to join the other 2 in Miami.

Laker fans, you should be peeved too.  Your reign on top is all but guaranteed to be over.  Look what the Celtics did just 3 years ago, and those guys were no young whipper snappers.  Lebron is 25, Bosh is 26, and Wade is 28.  Kobe will be 32, in a few short weeks, and Pau just turned 30.  Not exactly good news for the Lakers.

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